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Half-Life Model Viewer


Half-Life Model Viewer v1.25

  • (378 Kb, contains setup with viewer, full source code and mxToolKit)

Half-Life Model Viewer v1.24

Half-Life Models


(for fullscreen mode)
  • g: toggle ground
  • m: toggle mirror on ground
  • b: toggle background
  • s: toggle stencil buffer
  • h: toggle hitboxes
  • +: increase animation speed
  • -: decrease animation speed
  • 1: wireframe
  • 2: flatshaded
  • 3: smoothshaded
  • 4: textured
  • 5: more transparency
  • 6: less transparency
  • ESC: quit fullscreen


If you have problems with the 3dfx fullscreen mode, or the model viewer wants to start with the 3dfx hardware, run "Half-Life Model Viewer Safe Mode".

Known bugs and limitations

  • You just can load background/ground textures from 24-bit .tga, 8-bit .pcx, 8-bit .bmp, which have width/height with power of 2 (e.g. 128x64)


Added to version 1.24 (Oct 20 1999)

  • Stop animation playing, previous frame, set frame, next frame
  • Scale of mesh, scale of bones

Added to version 1.23 (Jul 06 1999)

  • Just some bugfixes, if you don't have problems, there is no need for a download.

Added to version 1.22 (Jun 03 1999)

  • Show attachment points (this can be useful for mod developers)
  • Fixed default .tga extension in "Make Screenshot..."
      (thanks to Nemesis from Aftershock Productions for this report!)
  • Added commandline support. You can view a model with "hlmv.exe model.mdl". To add the right file association in windows, open the windows explorer, right-click any .mdl file, choose "Open with...", write a file extension description and choose "hlmv.exe" from your installation directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\Half-Life Model Viewer\").
      (thanks to Nemesis from Aftershock Productions for this suggestion!)

Added to version 1.21 (May 5 1999)

  • Better hitbox rendering
  • Ported to Linux

Added to version 1.2 (Apr 29 1999)

  • User adjustable file associations in pak file
      (thanks to autolycus from the Half-Life ERC for his suggestion)
  • Recent Models
  • Recent PAK files
  • removed stupid chrome bug
  • Asynchronous sound playing
  • Fixed bone rendering

Added to version 1.1 (Apr 26 1999)

  • Model transparency
  • Show bones
  • Show complex hit boxes
  • Select skin from skin families
  • View/select model textures, change chrome effect, view-scale, import/export tetxures, re-save model
  • Improved bone controller stuff
  • Modified PAK file viewer, you now can double-click items to load them directly, or right-click for a popupmenu
  • Play sound directly from PAK file
  • Extract any file from PAK file

Added to version 1.0 (Apr 10 1999)

  • View Half-Life Models
  • PAK file support, load models directly from PAK files
  • Use mouse for rotating (left-drag), zooming (right-drag) and x-y-panning (shift-left-drag)
  • Wireframe, flatshaded, smoothshaded, textured (with chrome effects)
  • Optional ground, mirror model on ground, optional background
  • Selectable animation, adjustable animation speed
  • Change submodel for each available bodypart
  • Select bone controllers and adjust its value (open mouth, rotate head, ...)
  • Model info
  • Fullscreen support, optionally for 3dfx with miniGL, user adjustable resolutions
  • Load background texture, ground texture
  • Change background color, ground color and light color
  • Make .tga screenshot
  • Portable to X11, because of mxToolKit
  • Full source code available

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