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MilkShape 3D Registration Page


What is Shareware?

MilkShape 3D is shareware. This means that we have made the software available to you for free evaluation. The trial period is 30 days. After 30 days, if you decide to keep the software, you should register your copy with us for a small fee, otherwise all saving functions will be disabled.


What do I get, when I register MilkShape 3D?

  • The registration code, which tells MilkShape 3D, that you have registered,
  • free upgrades on the MilkShape 3D 1.x series,
  • discounts on new software by chUmbaLum sOft,
  • and finally, you provide us with the resources and incentive to support the software with updates and to develop additional products in the future.


How can I register MilkShape 3D?

MilkShape 3D costs USD 35 or EUR 25. Depending on the country where you live and the exchange rate, one of them is cheaper for you. But feel free to choose the one, which suits you best. Have you tried the MilkShape 3D trial already to make sure it fits your needs?

You will receive the registration code by email. Please make sure that you can receive emails from .

  • Order online with credit card at eSellerate
    • get your registration code within 24-48 hours (USD 35)

  • Order online with credit card at share*it! (MyCommerce Digital River)
    • get your registration code immediately (EUR 25)

  • PayPal
    • get your registration code within 24-48 hours (EUR 25)

What's the registration fee?

The registration fee is US $35 or EUR 25 only! Choose the one, which is best for you! Don't send in coins or exchange in your local currency, unless you've asked before.
The Universal Currency Converter.

Return Policy

All purchases are final. Due to costly chargeback fees and the nature of trialware (try before you buy), refunds will not be accepted. Before purchasing this software, please download the MilkShape 3D trial and ensure that it meets your system requirements.


MilkShape 3D
MilkShape 3D
Create and edit models for games like Quake I, II, III, Half-Life, Unreal Tournament, including full animation! Or write your custom export plugin with the SDK!

HL Model Viewer
HL Model Viewer
View models and change skins for HL, TFC and CS!

MD2 Viewer
MD2 Viewer
View Quake2 models directly from PAK files!

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