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MD2 Viewer 1.4

MD2 Models


  • l: toggle light
  • w: toggle water
  • s: toggle shininess
  • p: toggle pause
  • +: increase animation speed
  • -: decrease animation speed
  • 1: wireframe
  • 2: flatshaded
  • 3: smoothshaded
  • 4: textured
  • ESC: quit fullscreen


  • If you want 3Dfx fullscreen support and download the "", you can copy your Mesa Drivers into the MD2 Viewer directory and rename them to "mesagl.dll" and "mesaglu.dll".
  • If for some reason the MD2 viewer starts in 3Dfx mode, kill its task with Ctrl+Alt+Del and start the "MD2 Viewer Safe Mode" (md2_sm.exe).


Added to version 1.4 (May 5 1999)
  • Recent Models/Weapons
  • Recent PAK files
  • User adjustable file associations in pak file
  • Play .wav files
  • Extract any file from pak file
  • Few model loading optimizations
Added to version 1.3 (Apr 26 1999)
  • Player model browser. Browse through player models and double-click to load them
  • Modified/improved pak file loading. Double-click to load, or right-click for a popupmenu
  • Fixed a skin loading bug for pcx files, which had a wrong header

Added to version 1.2 (Mar 27 1999)

  • Faster PAK file loading, loading whole PAK file
  • Automatically load skins when loading model from PAK file
  • Brightness slider (needs reloading the skin)
  • X, Y panning
  • Wireframe color, light color
  • Generate light normals, for models which don't have them (some vweps)
  • Load background texture, load water texture
  • Set texture size limit
  • Make .tga screenshot
  • Improved user interface (automatically enables light for smoothshade, etc...)

Added to version 1.1 (Mar 07 1999)

  • PAK file support
  • Change background and foreground color
  • Center model
  • Improved animation controls (pause/play, previous frame, next frame, set frame)
  • Optional shininess
  • Unload model, unload weapon
  • Shortcuts for fullscreen mode
  • Bug fixes
Since version 1.0 (Feb 28 1999)
  • View model & weapon at the same time
  • Wireframe, flatshaded, smoothshaded, textured
  • Optional lighting
  • Optional transparent water
  • Selectable animation, optional frame interpolation, adjustable animation speed (pitch)
  • Use triangles or strips & fans (id's GlCommands)
  • Model info
  • Fullscreen support, optionally for 3Dfx Mesa 3.0
  • User adjustable resolutions
  • Use mouse for rotating (left-drag), zooming (right-drag)
  • Portable to X11, because of mxToolKit
  • Full source code available


MilkShape 3D
MilkShape 3D
Create and edit models for games like Quake I, II, III, Half-Life, Unreal Tournament, including full animation! Or write your custom export plugin with the SDK!

HL Model Viewer
HL Model Viewer
View models and change skins for HL, TFC and CS!

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