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Latest downloads

MilkShape 3D 1.8.5 BETA1 (local download 2), 6181 KB
MilkShape 3D 1.8.4 (local download 1), 5357 KB
MilkShape 3D 1.8.4 (local download 2), 5357 KB
MilkShape 3D 1.8.4 SDK, 54 KB
MilkShape 3D Helpfile in HTML format (by sckoobs), 3969 KB
MilkShape 3D Helpfile in CHM format (by sckoobs), 2155 KB
Mesa 6.4.1 Software OpenGL Drivers, 680 KB
MilkShape 3D ASCII Model Viewer (/w src), 117 KB
MilkShape 3D Binary Model Viewer (/w src), 843 KB


Boolean Operations msBooleanOperations.rar, 4867 KB
PythonShape - A Python Plugin for Milkshape by Ion Fusion (link), 1557 KB
BVE Trainsim Exporter (src, web), 45 KB
DOOM3 MD5MESH Import Plug-In for MilkShape 3D v.1.0 by Pavel Chikul (web) msMD5MESHImport.rar, 12 KB
DOOM3 MD5 Mesh V10 Importer (web) msMD5MeshV10Importer.rar, 44 KB
The Sims 2 plugins by Wes Howe download here
The Movies importer/exporter by Wes Howe, 68 KB
SoftImage XSI dotXSI 3.x Exporter by Jed (web), 323 KB
POV-Ray include file exporter by Jed (web), 563 KB
POV-Ray 3.5 Exporter by coldlamper (web), 21 KB
Torque DTS Exporter by Chris Robertson (web), 662 KB
Ogre3D Exporter v1.2.0 (web) download here
X3D Exporter by Roland Smeenk (needs MFC/VCruntime 7.0) (web), 24 KB
VRML97 Exporter by Roland Smeenk (web), 20 KB
SFC/Armada/BC/Others import and export with hardpoint/node editing by Chris Graham, Assimilation Software MilkShape Plugins R4 No, 954 KB
Elite Force model-editing suite for Milkshape (web), 89 KB
Tile Texture Mapper by Mikko Rytkönen (FRACTiLE Games) (web), 10 KB
Height Map Plugin by Taharez (web) download here
Snap Tool Plugin by Taharez (web) download here
LightWave 5.x and 6.0+ plugins by CCCP (web), 66 KB
Radial/Rectangular Array Tool by CCCP (web), 25 KB
Snap to Plane Tool by CCCP (web), 21 KB
Extrude Edges by CCCP (web), 40 KB
C/C++ Header exporter for OpenGL/DirectX programs by Bob Nemeth, 34 KB
Ultimate Ride Coaster Deluxe (and Ultimate Ride Disney Coaster) exporter by Gigawatt Studios UR Mod Tool - MilkShape 3-D, 55 KB
Ghoul2 Model Importer, can be used for Jedi Knight II, Soldier of Fortune II, 47 KB
Blitz3D B3D Exporter by Mark Sibly (enhanced by Mete Ciragan) (web) (src), 59 KB
DirectX 8.1 Exporter by John Thompson (web), 143 KB
Orbiter Mesh ASCII Exporter 1.1 by Nicholas Musurca, 29 KB
Return to Castle Wolfenstein MDC Importer by sanjo (web) msMDCImporter.rar, 29 KB
Dominic Laflamme's SOFTIMAGE|XSI Importer, 279 KB
DragonZap's Scale All Tool (web), 3 KB
DragonZap's Reverse Animation Tool (web), 3 KB
DragonZap's Mirror All Tool (web), 5 KB
DragonZap's Fat Boy Tool (web), 7 KB
DragonZap's Black and White Tools (web), 395 KB
Beta Rune SuperCoolModel Exporter for Milkshape 3D by Gwynhala, 64 KB
Genesis3d GenEdit 3DT exporter by BlAeQ8, 30 KB
Jedi Knights 3do Exporter by Zymotico, 39 KB
NOD Exporter (source code only), 20 KB
NOD Importer (source code only), 24 KB
The Sims SKN Exporter (source code only) NOTE: this one is not finished yet!, 18 KB
plugins by scorpiomidget:

Model Info, VTX CBF, Call of Duty, Janes WWII Fighters J3P, Medal of Honor SKL, Viewer
download here
plugins by mijacs:

MS3DViewer, Bridge, Clean, Clean Face, Edge Extrude, Hide Faces, HideUnSel, Manual Edit, Maya Import, Rotate All, SDK AddOn, SelPolyCount, yafray, yafray2
download here


Milkshape 3D SDK 1.7.7 for Delphi by fig (web) ms3dsdk177_delphi.rar, 431 KB
MilkShader by Keith Harrison download here
MilkBones by Mr. Bones (a collection of pre-made animations) download here
C++ source code to load *.ms3d files, 3 KB
Half-Life SMD to MEL (Maya Script) converter, 10 KB
Unreal Tournament 2003 models in SMD format, 62 KB
Unreal Tournament 2003 models in MS3D format, 1998 KB
BVH sample animations, 175 KB


HL Model Viewer
HL Model Viewer
View models and change skins for HL, TFC and CS!

MD2 Viewer
MD2 Viewer
View Quake2 models directly from PAK files!

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